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Senior & Disabled Citizens of Utica

Only through serving each other do we become free.

An interesting fact:

In our first two years, Yes! We Deliver served over 79 people. 50% of those were single/widowed women over 70 living of small fixed incomes – all of them often did without simple things like fresh bread, milk, fruit - unable to do their own shopping any longer - and unable, or unwilling, to continually ask friends, relatives and/or neighbors. They just went without. The need was clear from day one. I speak of good, proud people. Folks that in their own prime - raised their children and helped their neighbors and worked hard in job and community…these people are our grandmothers, aunts, uncles, mothers, brothers, sisters and neighbors. Yes, We Deliver.

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Yes We Deliver, Inc. will soon begin its new Medical Transportation +(Plus!) Program. This new program will allow senior and disabled people, throughout the City of Utica, to call Yes! We Deliver in the same general manner as one would call a Taxi Service for trips within the City. [WE ARE NOT A TAXI SERVICE THOUGH!].


Folks may call any time from 9am to 5pm to request a ride to a Doctors Appointment, or a run to the bank or even to the grocery store. We will come pick you up – drop you off - and then return to bring you back home where you started .


Who Can Use The Program? Any Senior or Disabled Citizen of Utica who needs such a service but cannot afford one.

You must join and become a member of the Yes! We Deliver Program. There is no charge to join and joining places you under no obligation. It simply entitles you, as a member, to call and use our transportation service. A legal issue.


How Much Does It Cost?

Yes! We Deliver, Inc. is a not for profit organization. Our services are always free to those who cannot afford a fee. We accept limited donations from those who can afford them.


Although the goal of this service is no charge at all to anyone, currently we are quite honest in stating we simply wouldn’t be able to continue without at least a $5 donation for each one-way trip; however this cost will SOON be being picked up by local businesses who understand and support the new problems of senior and disabled people in our Cities.


Make No Mistake – This is NOT a Charge or Fee! If you don’t have it and can’t afford it – we’ll smile and help you in and out of the car like everyone else! WE ARE NOT HERE TO MAKE MONEY  - WE ARE HERE TO HELPFirst, Foremost, and Always.


For those who can afford it - we accept up to a $10 donation to help cover costs (and there are many of those…). Those who do donate the maximum (and we set this maximum amount ourselves) – be assured your contribution is well used and you are helping keep this program open for all. Our financial records are always open to anyone with an honest interest. Larger contributions are kindly accepted through the Board of Directors.


Yes! We Deliver, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization. All donations go directly toward the costs of providing the services. There are No Salaries or Stipends of any kind to anyone. In 2005 the positions of Program Director and Bookkeeper will transition to paid positions with benefits.

**Service only within City**




We Are An All-Volunteer Organization. Our financial obligations are equal to our operating costs. It's that simple. No Salaries, - Our Volunteers work from their hearts and pockets. For a complete listing and accounting of these costs - here

Yes! We Deliver, Inc. has a very innovative, Housing Pilot Program in development. [An old ‘pet’ project - jl]

If you read about this in the past -  Try giving it another look:

It will be a Housing Pilot Program. We will purchase a suitable property or obtain a group of leases in a Federally Funded Housing Project. We will house two distinct types of people. Seniors who desire to live independent lives and need just a little daily help and assistance; and, we will also house folks with minor Mental Health Disabilities, as well as operating an on site youth program.


These three groups of people will have a working, learning, and teaching relationship that will benefit all three groups, and the community as a whole. Youth, and all residents will also have the benefit of help and assistance from local University students. Some interns who qualify will even benefit through earning college credits for their time and work.


We will partner with local youth programs and work with many already existing community organizations. This effort will also utilize volunteers directly from the residents living there; the youth will benefit from working with the experienced and knowledgeable seniors and the seniors get to reach out, teach, contribute in a meaningful way to all people living there.


Additionally, all residents will benefit from clean, inexpensive and safe housing. Look at it as a kind of federally funded housing project of the future; where residents get additional, needed services and supervision specifically suited to meet their individual needs...  all for free - covered with income from rent and private donations. Ions ahead of the ‘Housing Authorities’ HUD supports today.

For more information about this project please write Jerry Lombardo


Remember: Gratitude is an Action.

More Information about Grant a Wish here Outdated link, but working - will be updated, re-organized soon 9/28/06
More about our PC's for Children here


Yes! We Deliver, Introduces




Yes! We Deliver, Inc.

Yes! We Deliver, Inc. is a non-profit corporation serving people in need.

Pursuing Righteousness through Acts of Faith, Truth and Justice


(Grocery Shopping and Delivery Program(



 Our Grocery Shopping and Deliveries Begin!



You call with your grocery list before 11 a.m. and our volunteers will have your groceries delivered by 5 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays


It’s that simple. We will shop with your food stamps, or cash - whatever your preference. We shop at P&C - receipts are provided - there are no surcharges or hidden additions - it’s just like you went to the store yourself.



For those who can afford it there is a $5 fee and we’ll accept up to an additional $5 donation (up to $10 Maximum). Larger donations are gladly accepted at the office; all donations go [100%] to providing these services.


For Seniors and Disabled people who can NOT afford it - It’s Free*.




*This is a FREE service for seniors and disabled folks who cannot shop for themselves and cannot afford any fee. No small print, no gimmicks, no paperwork or application. You decide if you can afford it. We are happy to help - either way. It is the pleasure of our volunteers to help people who genuinely need the help; your kind thoughts and prayers are, more than, enough thanks for us.



Call Us!

Yes! We Deliver, Inc.




John Phillips - Director of Programs

Jerry Lombardo - Chief Volunteer

Yes! We Deliver, Inc.


Yes! We Deliver, Inc. is a not for profit corporation.



Yes! We Deliver, Inc.


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